Shanghai Changshun elevator cable Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in elevator cable manufacturing and processing of private enterprises, is a rich sense of mission and sense of responsibility and urgency of the team. Shun company adhere to cooperation and win-win business philosophy, adhering to the “quality first, service first, the purpose of the pursuit of excellence, always believe in good faith to create wealth, value innovation leading industry. More than and 20 years of development, standardize management, among the industry leader.


Core values


People oriented, customer centered, advocate green low carbon economy

People oriented——The company to provide security work environment for employees, respect their personal ability and expertise, enhance their competitiveness, establish employee trust and sense of belonging, to provide mechanisms for promotion of fair and open. Customer-centric——Listen to the voice of customers, the first time to meet customer needs, to provide customers with reasonable suggestions and solutions, including internal customers. Advocate green low carbon economy——Emphasis on environmental protection and social responsibility, to provide customers with energy-saving environmental protection products, promote lean production, reduce waste, promote the sustainable development of the company.


Cooperation idea


Integrity, efficient and pragmatic, continuous improvement and innovation, to create value for customers

integrity——Honest and trustworthy, is the courage to play, fulfill their duties. Efficient and practical——The face of customer needs, the first time to solve; provide customer programs, seeking truth from facts. Continuous improvement and innovation to create value for customers——Continuous improvement is the driving force of the company’s innovation, in product quality and service, and strive to seek improvement and breakthrough, to maximize the value of customers.


Code of conduct


Safety, Energy saving, Environmental protection, Innovation

Safety——We will implement the policy of “safety first, prevention first”, take safety as the basis of work, ensure personal safety and ensure stable production. Energy saving——Enhance scale efficiency, improve the level of management and control, one-time thing to do, to reduce unnecessary waste. Environmental protection——To provide customers with safe and environmentally friendly products, to employees to establish energy-saving environmental protection concept, embarked on the road of sustainable development. Innovation——Based on professional craftsmen, innovation driven development. Strengthen the main body of enterprise innovation, stimulate the potential of innovation.


Corporate mission


Transmit Power ,  Connect Future with Cable

Excellent management, excellent quality——Only the pursuit of excellence in business model, in order to create superior product quality; only advocate comprehensive quality management, to embark on Sustainable development. Business owners——Provide employees to display their talent stage, so that employees become the owner of the enterprise, and corporate soul interlinked, destiny phase, with the spirit of ownership. Social citizen——As a social citizen, while doing their own work, but also mind the world, assume the responsibility of caring society, and jointly create a harmonious society.

Company spirit


Professional, Focused, Attentive

With professional knowledge and technology, focusing on elevator cable R & D and production, concentrate on building the world recognized brand.

Corporate vision


Relying on quality to enhance product value, let customers feel the quality of service. To build China’s most influential elevator cable brand and become the cable brand of choice in the smart industry.